tiistai 30. huhtikuuta 2013

COCA-COLA Santa (Mattel)

"This delightful COCA-COLA® Santa Doll was inspired by a painting by Haddon Sundblom, the renowned illustrator who painted for The Coca-Cola Company's holiday ads beginning in 1931 and for thirty years thereafter.  His concept of Santa Claus — robust and round, aglow with warmth and kindness, and lavishly dressed in brilliant red and white fur — would soon become one of the most enduring images of all time.  Inspired by the 1948 "Hospitality" painting, this uniquely designed COCA-COLA® Santa Doll pauses to enjoy a refreshing glass of COCA-COLA®, which he holds in his hand.  He is wearing a Coke® Red velvety suit trimmed with white faux fur, and brown, suede-like gloves, belt and boots.  As in the original painting, a sprig of holly and berries decorate his red velvety hat trimmed in faux fur.  He carries a suede-like bag with a big red strap which is decorated with little bells.  The bag contains adorable toys for good little girls and boys."

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  1. Pukki näyttää erittäin iloselta uudessa kodissaan! :)

    1. Jep ! En tosin taida vapauttaa ennen joulua... Tonttutytsyjen asut ovat nyt pakkohankinta ! ;)


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